Gateway Cancer Research Presents the Satter Foundation with the inaugural Global Humanitarian Award

Gateway for Cancer Research

Behind every obstacle is an opportunity, every plight is a possibility, and every injustice is a shared responsibility.

Gateway for Cancer Research is guided by a simple yet significant moral code: When you see someone who is less well off than yourself, and you are in a unique position to do something about their plight, without harm to self, family or Lord, you simply step into the opportunity and do it.

As a global nonprofit organization, Gateway gives help, hope, and healing to cancer patients and families around the world. To honor those who share its commitment to empowering the powerless and advocating for the afflicted, Gateway for Cancer Research is unveiling its newest and most meaningful award yet – the Global Humanitarian Award.

Recipients of this esteemed award are distinguished by their efforts to effect positive change and be catalysts for improving the circumstances of the world’s most disenfranchised individuals.

Whether in health care, education, safety, human rights, or beyond, protecting those who cannot protect themselves is a global responsibility in which we all share. One’s willingness to promote human welfare is a virtue worthy of recognition. Gateway for Cancer Research is honored to name The Satter Foundation as the inaugural recipients of its newest and most meaningful award – the Global Humanitarian Award.

Mr. Satter and Ms. Hertel approach philanthropy based on a passionate belief in empowering the powerless and by investing in bold, tactical, and innovative social entrepreneurs and organizations.  Established in in 1997,  The Satter Foundation helps create a world where all people, no matter where or in what circumstances they were born, have the resources to live a free, prosperous and healthy life.


In the same way that Mr. Satter has invested in big ideas to drive exponential returns, the Satter Foundation invests in innovative leaders advancing big ideas to overcome some of the most important challenges facing society today, including educational disparities, poverty, human rights issues and disease.


Mr. Satter and Ms. Hertel have seen firsthand the toll cancer takes on those fighting this insidious disease, and the family and caregivers who must watch helplessly.  As champions of Gateway to Cancer Research, they are investing in the researchers who work tirelessly to identify new cancer treatments and give patients access to transformational therapies.


Their willingness to go where others do not and pursuit of their vision for the future with an unwavering tenacity, conviction and commitment to important causes throughout the world exemplifies the moral code that governs Gateway for Cancer Research.


We are honored to present this prestigious award to Mr. Muneer Satter and Ms. Kristen Hertel on behalf of The Satter Foundation.