Worth Magazine highlights Satter Foundation

With multiple humanitarian interests and the resources required to drive change, retired Goldman Sachs partner Muneer Satter wears numerous hats from managing a medical device investment fund and running his family foundation to biotech interests.

Satter not only applies his skills and leadership to both his private investment firm Satter Investment Management (SIM) and the Satter Foundation, but also co-chairs Aerpio Therapeutics, is a board member of Annexon and chairs Restorsea – of which he is also a founder – all entities pointed in the common direction of health care solutions for patients with chronic diseases.

Hence, he recently caught the attention of Worth Magazine. Eric Kessler, who founded, owns and has operated Arabella Advisors in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for the past dozen years, recently described Satter as “a philanthropist who believes in results-focused grant making and doesn’t mind taking a risk here and there to maximize his impact” in a piece written for Worth.

“Through his family foundation, he and his wife, Kristen Hertel, invest in strong leaders tacking challenges like human rights abuses, poverty, educational disparities, disease and environmental issues,” Kessler stated in his article. “Muneer established a first-of-its-kind fellowship for Harvard Law School students and recent graduates that responds to mass atrocities and human rights abuses around the world, while also creating a pipeline of human rights lawyers.”

Satter earned a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and a joint law and business degree from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School.